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Cinema Series – Exposure – Phantom 4 Pro/Adv

  • Includes ND64, ND128, ND256 filters for long exposures
  • Engineered specifically for the Phantom 4 Pro/Adv cameras
  • Cinema Series production quality glass with AR coating
  • Feather-light design for smooth gimbal operation
  • Includes custom filter hard case
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Cinema Series – Exposure – Phantom 4 Pro/Adv

Included Filters:

ND64: The ND64 filter reduces 6-stops of light. The ND64 filter can also be used for video if shooting wide open (f2.8) on a bright sunny day. The primary use of this filter is to reduce 5-stops of light for longer exposure photography.

ND128: The ND128 filter reduces 7-stops of light. This filter will be exclusively for shooting photos. You would never use this for video. The ND128 filter significantly reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor, allowing you to shoot creative long exposures during the day.

ND256: The ND256 filter reduces light by 8-stops for shooting long exposure photos from 8 seconds up to several minutes.  This is the strongest neutral density filter in the Exposure Collection and will unlock the lowest shutter speed.

Long Exposure Photography:

PolarPro’s high power ND filters enable photographers to capture long exposure shots during daylight hours. Natively, there is too much light for the Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced to shoot long exposure during the day.  A heavy ND filter such as an ND64, ND128, or ND256 will help cut down light for longer exposures during the day.

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